Rising geopolitical tensions across the world; an exponential increase in the speed of technological advancement and a weakening multilateral global economy threatens the way businesses and countries operate today and in the near future. This violently changing reality has also presented a wealth of new opportunities.


How can enterprises thrive in the new dynamic of digital disruption?

In recent months, ChatGPT has captured the collective attention and imagination of the public and businesses alike. The speed at which AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology is evolving can now be measured in weeks and months, rather than years.

Mike Walsh predicted the rise and growing importance of AI/ML from as early as 2019, and the impact it will have on industries such as customer service, healthcare and finance. He also foresaw the shift towards remote work, digital communications tools and the importance of data privacy and security before the pandemic.

He will be:​

  • Speaking on the concept of disruptive technology, highlighting how breakthrough innovations have the power to revolutionise entire industries.
  • Sharing captivating anecdotes and real-world examples of organisation that have successfully harnessed disruptive technology to challenge the status quo and leapfrog their competitors. ​
  • Predicting the big technology disruption ahead. ​

Embracing digital disruptions – Cutting edge Technologies

Yigal Unna will take us on a journey through cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT and more. He will uncover the transformative potential of these technologies and reveal how these are shaping business models, customer experience and even societal norms.

He will be sharing his views on:

  • Key digital disruptions and technologies that have transformed and impacted businesses.
  • What are the opportunities today for enterprises to inject themselves into these disruptive innovation platform for growth.


Leader’s Perspectives – How can enterprises continue to drive growth in the next decade?​

Where are the opportunities in industry or technology that business leaders can look for the silver lining? Our panel of business and technology leaders will be discussing about how the public and private sectors can work together to ensure both national and business interests are taken care of concurrently. ​


How can organisations proactively embrace disruption and drive innovation from within?​


What ethical considerations arise from the use of disruptive technology and how can organisations ensure responsible and inclusive innovation?​​


Track 1

Unleashing the Power of Hybrid Cloud and AI: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Track 2

Amplifying Autonomous Capabilities with 5G and AI

Track 3

Enabling the Metaverse

Track 4

Cyber Insecurity: Paradigm Shift to Defend the Cyber Space

Track 5

Smart and Sustainable Cities - Getting It Done!


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