Full Name
New Ai Peng
Job Title
National Robotics Programme Office
Speaker Bio
Ai Peng graduated in 1990 with B. Eng (Hons) from National University of Singapore. He has a Master (Defence Tech) from Royal Military College Of Science, UK and a MSc (Aero & Astro) from Stanford University, USA.

Before joining DSO National Lab, he was a Army Combat Officer in the SAF. He has been with DSO since 2000 when he started the Robotics program, he was seconded to FSTD to perform Robotics R&D master planning and investment for 4 years and he is now seconded to National Robotics Programme (NRP).

In his current role as Director R&D in NRP, he helps to build Singapore’s Robotics ecosystem. He works closely with Robotics researchers from IHLs and RIs, government agencies, end users and supply side companies.